‘First impression is the last impression’

This saying is indeed true for today’s fast moving world where the first impression is the only thing that people notice, so make it your best. When it comes to your business and especially in an industry of glamour art you need to get noticed to be picked by customers such as when starting your makeup business or makeup artist job. You might be very creative but when it comes to your business card, they may appear very dull and stand nothing as compared to what all you are capable of.

So, step up your creative game to stand out and let your business card speak for your personality.

Here are a few tips for getting makeup business cards, hair stylist business cards when you are starting your makeup business or makeup artist job because it all creativity that you will require in your job so why don’t you start with some?

First, make sure that your business card is unique by adding different touches to it. It can be the texture, the size or the shape that you can play with to make your card stand out. You can add some distinctive mark or signature to have a unique look for your card.

Also if you want to try something out of box, you can also design, paint or sketch your business card, get it scanned and use it in a printed form. In this way your cards will have your personal touch to them and you can justify your job in a better way than a graphics machine.

You do not have to be a professional designer to create your own business card.

Canva – a free design tool can be used to make free business cards, be it makeup business cards or hair stylist business cards. Canva is ideal for entrepreneurs to small business owners who are just starting their jobs like makeup business or makeup artist job. It is easy to use, easy to design as you do not require the tough knowledge of graphics design. Most importantly it is easy on your pocket, it will cost you nothing.

And the best source I personally found till now for any design or corywriting job is Fiverr. If you are not sure about your creative skills then you can also hire graphic designers for as low as $5 on Fiverr for logo design or business card design. Talent available on Fiverr is exceptional and it is also easy on your pocket. This is my favorite source to find a talented freelancer  and i use it in a regular base.

Show yourself as an authority in your niche! Make an awesome business card and stay on the budget.

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